Sunday, March 18, 2012

Live Tweet Up with the White House Monday @ 4:00 PM

Keystone Progress is working with the White House to conduct a Pennsylvania-focused Tweet Up.

What’s a Tweet Up?  It’s an opportunity to ask questions of senior White House staff about issues that concern you.  The difference is that your questions and the answers will be transmitted via Twitter.  That means short and quick answers (140 characters).

Here’s how it works:
  •  Follow Keystone Progress on Twitter @KeystoneProgres 
  • Using  #AtTheWH  send us your questions You can send questions either before the event or during.  
  • White House staff will live Tweet starting at 4:00 on Monday, March 19.
  • By following @KeystoneProgress and #AtTheWH you will be able to read the answers to all of the questions.
  • Answers will come from a variety of WH staff, but primarily from Jon Carson @JonCarson44 
  • Since this week is the Second Anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act, we anticipate many questions about healthcare reform.
  • After the Tweet Up, the White House will create a "Storify" blog post with the full Q&A and send it to us.  It will also be available on our blog at

Whether or not you can join us, make sure you follow us @KeystoneProgres
The Keystone Progress Team

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