Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Former Insurance Executive and Author Calls for Healthcare Reform in Allentown

 ALLENTOWN, PA – Tomorrow, March 29, 2012, former insurance industry executive and author Wendell Potter will join Reverend David Charles Smith to call for healthcare reform and discuss the consequences of repealing the Affordable Care Act at the Jordan United Church of Christ in Allentown.    

WHO:             Wendell Potter, Former Insurance Executive and Whistleblower,
                        Reverend David Charles Smith, Congregations United for Neighborhood Action and 
                        PICO National Network

WHAT:           Former insurance industry executive and congregation leader call for 
                        healthcare reform, and discuss consequences of repeal

WHEN:          March 29 at 7 PM

WHERE:        Jordan United Church of Christ, 1837 Church Road, Allentown, PA

About Wendell Potter; after a 20-year career as a corporate public relations executive, he left his job as head of communications for one of the nation's largest health insurers to try his hand at helping socially responsible organizations -- including those advocating for meaningful health care reform -- achieve their goals.

About Rev. David Charles Smith began his ministry as the fifteenth Pastor and Teacher of Jordan United Church of Christ in June 2002.


Know Your Care is a 501c3 organization affiliated with Keystone Progress Education Fund and is dedicated to educating the American people about the Affordable Care Act’s life-saving consumer and patient protections that are already benefiting millions of Americans and will benefit millions more in the coming years as additional provisions are implemented –

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