Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Sierra club ad running in Carney's district.

From the Sierra Club Website:

New ad running in Chris Carney's PA district.
"Rolling In It."
The ad urges Members to keep standing strong against Big Oil and calls on Congress to break Big Oil’s stranglehold on America by cracking down on price-gouging, ending the billions in giveaways to the oil industry, investing in renewable energy to give consumers more clean energy options, and by offering consumers real relief at the pump.

Listen to it here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oliver Stone's "W" From Drunken Buffoon to President

From Raw Story

W trailer leaks: Film follows Bush from drunkard to president
David Edwards and Nick JulianoPublished: Monday July 28, 2008

From drunken buffoon to president

A leaked trailer for Oliver Stone's new biopic W suggests the film will focus on George W. Bush's transition from youthful drunken lout to President of the United States with one question in mind: Just how did this happen?

The 90-second trailer appeared online Sunday night, ahead of its official debut Monday on tabloid TV show Access Hollywood. It was quickly pulled from YouTube but remained on DailyMotion and is reproduced below.

The trailer suggests the film will examine a difficult relationship between President Bush and his father, who is portrayed as disappointed in his son's youthful indiscretions.

See the trailer and read the rest of the story here.

AFL-CIO Drops New Mailers in PA

AFL-CIO Drops New Mailers In OH, MI, PA, WI

The AFL-CIO begins a ramped-up campaign to define Sen. Barack Obama with union members and their families in battleground states, focusing heavily on working-class, swing union voters in OH, MI, PA and WI. The goal, per union officials, is to dispel the many rumors circulating about Obama via two new mailers, dropped today, that ask and answer still-looming questions about the candidate. The union will send the pieces to 600K swing voters living in the four critical battleground states.

More at:

Student Loans Dry Up in Massachusetts

Thanks to our friends at Suburban Guerilla:

The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority today said it will not be able to provide any student loans this fall, which could leave tens of thousands of families in the lurch just weeks before college classes begin.
The nonprofit lending authority said it was unable to secure funding to provide private student loans. It is contacting more than 40,000 students and families to whom it has made loans in the past, to urge them to seek other options.

Read the rest of the story at Suburban Guerilla

By the way, Susie posts some great videos. Here's an example:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Keystone Progress is Live!

For Immediate Release
Contact: Michael Morrill

Keystone Progress to Challenge Conservative Propaganda in Pennsylvania

Initial Campaigns Include the Stopping the Privatization of the PA Turnpike, Exposing the Bush War Tax, fighting for Universal Healthcare and Making the Case for Paper Ballots

Harrisburg, PA - Meet Keystone Progress, a new, multi-issue, progressive advocacy organization that combines cutting edge online organizing and communications with rapid and hard-hitting on-the-ground strategies. Year round, Keystone Progress will work to engage citizens from across the state around issues of immediate state or local concern.

"Our goal is to make Pennsylvania more progressive and our government more responsive to the real challenges facing communities today," said Michael Morrill, Executive Director. "We aim to dramatically expand public action for progressive ideas. Whether it is fighting for a clean energy future, standing up to special interests like powerful drug companies, or holding public officials accountable, we will be there."

A key component of Keystone Progress' work is providing communications support for the entire progressive community. Local advocacy groups often have few staff and fewer resources to challenge conservative propaganda in the media and assure that progressive perspectives are heard.

This week, the Keystone Progress website ( features a variety of actions including the privatization of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Bush War Tax, universal healthcare and ensuring accurate elections with paper trails for ballots.

"Keystone Progress has the potential to be an incredible tool for issue advocacy organizations," said Eileen Connolly of the SEIU Pennsylvania State Council. "Already, Keystone Progress is connecting us and providing a strong, credible voice in advancing progressive solutions to critical community problems."

Keystone Progress’s goal is to make Pennsylvania more progressive and our government more responsive to the real challenges facing communities today. By working with other organizations, we aim to dramatically expand active public support for progressive causes and ideas. Whether it is fighting for a clean energy future, standing up to special interests like the powerful drug companies, or holding public officials accountable, Keystone Progress will be there.
A key component of Keystone Progress' work is providing communications support for the entire progressive community. Local advocacy groups often have few staff and fewer resources to challenge conservative propaganda in the media and assure that progressive perspectives are heard.

Some of the ways we will network include:
· Creating PA’s largest online activist network.
· Holding news conferences, writing news releases and developing PR plans for progressive partners.
· Developing a progressive news service to bring our message to new media and the mainstream.
· An online Progressive PA Job Bank.

For further questions or inquiries, go to the Keystone Progress website (

Friday, July 25, 2008

Insurance Company Rules

Great new video on healthcare and insurance companies.

Ethnic Intimidation Act Struck Down by PA Supreme Court

From our friends at Equality Advocates:
On July 23, 2008, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld a Commonwealth Court decision striking down the amendments to the state's hate crimes law that added sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, gender, and mental and physical disability in 2002. The law was overturned based on the procedural way the legislation was passed by the legislature, not the content of the law.
The law, known as the Ethnic Intimidation and Institutional Vandalism Act, was amended to include protections for these groups of people by a two-thirds majority of the state House of Representatives and Senate. The legislation was signed into law by Republican Governor Mark Schweiker.
Equality Advocates Pennsylvania, then known as the Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, worked to pass this legislation with our coalition partners and drafted the bill's text. "We are extremely disappointed that some of the most vulnerable people in Pennsylvania are now unprotected by our state's hate crimes law. I urge the legislature to once again pass this legislation with all deliberate speed." Equality Advocates will work to reinstate these groups to the Pennsylvania hate crimes law.
Stephen Glassman, the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, added, "We will continue to work with the legislature to pass amendments to the existing Ethnic Intimidation Act which will mirror the language of the bill which was overturned by the Commonwealth Court on a technicality. It is vitally important for our agency to be able to respond to every act of hate and bias in the Commonwealth no matter who the victim may be. We must protect the rights of people to be free from these hate crimes just as surely as we protect them on the basis of their religion, race, ethnicity, or national origin."

County GOP eyes reasons for smaller-than-hoped McCain turnout

Miscommunication and short notice among reasons that led to empty seats at the Kirby.

A day after John McCain's visit to Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County Republican Party officials offered differing opinions about the less-than-capacity crowd at Wednesday's town hall meeting at the F.M. Kirby Center. Sen. John McCain greets the crowd during a town hall meeting at the F.M Kirby Center for the Performing Arts in Wilkes-Barre on Wednesday.s. john wilkin/the times leader Times Leader Photo StoreLongtime party official Paul DeFabo of Wilkes-Barre said the turnout of about 800 people "wasn't too bad" though it wasn't what he expected.The Kirby Center seats up to 1,800 but the crowd didn't fill the first level of the theater, so there was no reason to open the balcony for anyone but Secret Service agents.
More at County GOP eyes reasons for smaller-than-hoped McCain turnout

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Vote Vets TV Ad


WASHINGTON - The largest group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, with 100,000 members, is today unveiling a national cable ad calling on Senator John McCain to listen to the sovereign government of Iraq, by setting timetables for the redeployment of U.S. forces from the Iraq war, or make clear that we are going to occupy Iraq indefinitely. The ad will begin airing on Friday and run through most of next week on national cable stations.
A low-res version of the ad can be found here:
A hi-res version, suitable for broadcast, can be obtained by contacting

The ad features Brandon Woods, an Iraq War veteran from New York.

In the ad, Brandon says, "What did we fight for in Iraq? I have some idea. I fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. And "freedom" means when the Iraqi people and their Prime Minister ask us to make a plan to leave, we do. But, Senator McCain would occupy Iraq indefinitely, against their wishes. That's not what freedom means. That's not what we fought for. Senator, I thought you would know better."

Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of said, "Senator McCain once said that if the Iraqis asked us to leave, we would have to leave. Those of us who served agree with that. Senator McCain now either has to back off his refusal to set a plan to leave Iraq, as Prime Minister Maliki requested, or tell the American and Iraqi people why he would overrule Iraq's government and make our troops into an indefinite occupying force. Those are his only two options."

"There is a real enemy to fight in Afghanistan. It is time to heed the call of the Iraqis and plan to redeploy from their country and set our focus on destroying the real terrorist threat in the Afghansitan/Pakistan region," Soltz added. "We cannot want to be in Iraq more than the Iraqis want us to be there. We cannot referee Iraq's political problems with troops, especially when we have a real job to do protecting America from the terrorists in Afghanistan."

The ad was produced by Jonathan Cranin. is a pro-military organization committed to the destruction of terror networks around the world, with force when necessary. It represents the Voice of America's 21 Century Patriots - those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. It primarily focuses on nonpartisan education and advocacy on behalf of troops, veterans and their families.

Democratic Talk Radio needs funding to stay on the air

John Forsythe, the owner of WNJC 1360AM has extended the deadline for our show to obtain our start-up funding until next week. We still need help. This is an important opportunity that should help all elements of organized labor in the region. The WNJC show will reach greater Philadelphia, southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, northern and central Delaware. It streams live on the Internet.

Here is some additional information. The station has a very popular Spanish language program running from 10am until 4pm. It has an estimated 120,000 listeners. Many are bi-lingual. We hope to retain many of these listeners for our program. We will be airing from 4pm until 5pm on Tuesdays. This community is an important expansion opportunity for many unions. Our show will be promoted during the Spanish language segment.

Our goal is to reach many other listeners other than the Hispanic community. Most of the programming on the station is not Spanish language in content including morning and evening drive times.

We want to have union leaders as guest co-hosts on each show. All union leaders are invited to participate as co-hosts and/or guests.

Our Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (Bethlehem) show broadcasts on Thursday mornings from 8:05am until 9am on WGPA SUNNY 1100AM if you want to check us out.

30 second ads on both stations will be $20. One minute ads will be $30. Sponsorships for an entire program is $180.

We want to thanks those who have sponsored previous or upcoming shows. Laborers 1174 (4 shows), IBEW 380 (one show), USW 2599 (one show), The Mailroom union print shop (4 shows), USW 1165 (one show), Elect Obama Today (1/2 show) and the Bethlehem City Democratic Party (one show).

I personally paid for 5 1/2 shows to date on WGPA and another $35,000.00 in broadcasting costs in Tennessee before we moved the show to the Mid-Atlantic. As you can imagine, I can no longer afford to personally foot the bulk of the bills. I am willing to donate my time and effort to the cause but my retirement funds are already gone. I already personally fund the travel expenses, the website and my labor website.

I can be reached by phone at 443-907-2367. Our mailing address is: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702.


Stephen Crockett

Host, Democratic Talk Radio
Editor, Mid-Atlantic

Anti-McCain Protest Banned from Wilkes-Barre Square
July 23
Protest can’t use Square

WILKES-BARRE – The Alliance for Retired Americans will protest Republican Sen. John McCain’s visit to the city today, but will not gather on Public Square as planned.

Send Karl Rove to Jail

This sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, it's not. We have a unique opportunity right now to send Karl Rove to jail, but only if we take immediate action.

All we have to do is pressure the 40 members of the House Judiciary Committee, make them hold Rove in contempt and send him to jail. We've never had such a direct opportunity to hold Rove accountable. No, this is not enough punishment for his years and years of crimes, but it's a huge start, and will send a very clear message to the entire Bush administration.

We put together this video to explain the issues surrounding Rove's failure to testify before Congress, and why Rove should be held in contempt and sent to jail. Check out Send Karl Rove to Jail, and sign our petition to ensure that the HJC holds Rove in contempt.
Watch the video and sign the petition.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Team

---Brave New Films is supported by members like you, please consider making a donation. You can get our latest videos on email, iTunes, RSS, Facebook, and YouTube here. We are located at 10510 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Al Gore's Call for All-Renewables by 2008

Seems to be the time for ten-year energy plans:

PA News July 18, 2008

DN Philadelphia Daily News

MC (Allentown) Morning Call

RE Reading Eagle

PI Philadelphia Inquirer

PG Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

PN (Harrisburg) Patriot-News

TR Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Pickens Plan

T. Boone Pickens has decided to put part of his oil-derived billions into finding energy solutions. What's he talking about doing? Massive solar and wind investment, using natural gas for vehicles and virtually eliminating gasoline. And all by 2018!

If an uber-capitalist like Pickens is suggesting these solutions, it's possible that we might see some serious changes in energy production. Of course, he also wants to use nuclear and coal, so it's not as if Pickens has suddenly joined the Green Party.

Let's reserve judgment until the entire plan comes out. In the meantime, here's the Pickens video:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stop Bush's Sellout of Women's Health

Take Action Now with Planned Parenthood Advocates

Planned Parenthood is gravely concerned that the Bush administration is considering a new HHS rule that would undermine women's access to health care and information. The rule would allow federal funding that is specifically designed to prevent unintended pregnancy and promote reproductive health to instead be used by facilities and providers that refuse to offer comprehensive birth control and reproductive health care services.

This proposed rule will put women's access to birth control and the information they need to make health care decisions at risk. The proposed rule will radically redefine abortion to include some of the most common and effective methods of birth control. As a result, women's ability to manage their own health care is at risk of being compromised by politics and ideology.
We have a chance to stop it. Please complete the form below to say "no" to President Bush's massive family planning sell-out. Thank you.