Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tim Burns doesn't know which district he's running in

(Hint: it's CD 12)
From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Tim Burns' newsletter has another blunder from Burns. This time he says he's running in the 20th District. PA only has 19 districts.

This follows his Tweet last week where he misunderstood the need for the CBO report before passing the Healthcare Reform Bill.

Burns may be giving the Democrats lots of ammunition that he's not ready for prime time.

Here's the P-G article:

Corbett trying to kill healthcare reform

Just hours after Congress passed health insurance reform, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett joined a lawsuit to block it. He joined 10 other Republican attorneys general who are pledging to take it to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Tom Corbett is using our tax dollars to sue the United States in an effort to block health care reforms that offer huge benefits to the people of our state. Who is he representing?

We know Corbett isn't representing the hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians with pre-existing conditions who will be guaranteed coverage, or the 151,000 small businesses who will receive tax credits and other assistance to help them afford coverage, or the 2.2 million people who will receive improved Medicare benefits, or the 10.7 million residents with health insurance who are now protected from arbitrary premium hikes and insurance cancellations if they get sick.

Does Tom Corbett represent you?

If you don't want Attorney General Corbett to file this suit in your name, now is the time to speak out! We need Tom Corbett to hear from thousands of people across the state: don't sacrifice Washington's health for partisan politics. Please click on the link below to sign our petition. Then forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign as well.

This reform will benefit nearly every family in Pennsylvania. A congressional analysis found that this bill will:

* Protect 10.7 million residents with health insurance from arbitrary premium hikes and insurance cancellations if they get sick.
* Provide tax credits and other assistance to up to 904,000 families and 151,000 small businesses in PA to help them afford coverage.
* Improve Medicare for 2.2 million people in PA.
* Extend insurance coverage to 1.3 million uninsured residents.
* Guarantee that the more than 500,000 residents with pre-existing conditions can obtain coverage.
* Reduce the national debt by over $1 trillion over the next 20 years.

Despite these benefits for the people of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett is putting partisan politics above good policy by trying to maintain the status quo of our broken health care system.

He thinks this will help him win his campaign for governor. We need him to hear from thousands of people across the state: don't sacrifice Pennsylvania's health for partisan politics.

Help us make sure Tom Corbett understands that he does not represent the people of Pennsylvania if he continues to pursue this suit. Please click on the link below to sign our petition, and then forward it to your friends.

Michael Morrill

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WE WON! 75,000 emails in 24 hours convince Sen. Committee to kill anti-marriage equality bill

Thanks to you and your hard work the Pennsylvania State Senate Judiciary Committee just voted 8-6 to table SB 707! SB 707 is the bill to amend the PA Constitution to ban same sex marriage. This is a huge victory for us, since the vote effectively kills the bill.

This is your victory. We had over 120,000 emails sent to senators, over 75,000 in the last 24 hours! In addition, our allies and friends generated thousands more phone calls, emails and letters.

We should celebrate, but we need to remain vigilant. It is unlikely, but it is possible that the bill could come to life again. Especially if they think we aren't going to act again.

Please encourage your friends and family to join us at

Also, help us maintain our network with your financial contribution. Any amount can help. You can donate at

Congratulations on your incredible victory.

For Equality,

Michael Morrill
for the Keystone Progress Team

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stop PA from banning same sex marriage

The PA State Senate’s Judiciary Committee is voting on Tuesday to take away your rights! Anti-LGBT legislators plan to vote to put a ban on same sex marriage in the PA Constitution. If they succeed, it could take a generation before we LGBT people can have a chance to marry in Pennsylvania.

We can’t let this happen! Click here to send an email to all members of the Judiciary Committee NOW!

Anti-LGBT Senator John Eichelberger, who last year made headlines for saying that he is “allowing them (LGBT couples) to exist,” is the leader of this effort to put discrimination into the PA Constitution. If he wins, it will send a message throughout PA and across the nation that bigotry is acceptable and legal.

Take action now! Email the Judiciary Committee this simple message: “Vote NO on SB 707. Don't put bigotry in the PA Constitution.”

Then send this to everyone you know RIGHT NOW! We need thousands of emails TODAY to stop this bill.