Friday, February 20, 2009

Support Aliquippa Caregivers who are standing up for justice for working families -- not just those at the top!

Hardworking hospital employees got a slap in the face when Bridge Finance Group reneged on a promise to pay approximately 200 laid-off hospital caregivers wages that have been owed to them since before Christmas.

This is part of a national trend of laid off workers being left with nothing when their workplace closes. Workers in Chicago at Republic Windows and Doors and in Rhode Island at Calibri jewelry manufacturers have stiffed their workers in recent weeks. We need to stop this trend before it becomes standard and legally acceptable

Help Aliquippa caregivers get justice. Send a message to Bridge..

In December, Aliquippa lost its community hospital and over 200 working families lost their jobs when Commonwealth Medical Center declared bankruptcy and closed its doors. Bridge Finance Group is Commonwealth's primary lender.

Caregivers who had dedicated their lives to serving patients in the community simply got a chilling letter from management saying the paychecks they were counting on weren't coming.

Tell Bridge to do what's right and pay caregivers what they're owed..

After rallies in Chicago, Aliquippa, and Pittsburgh, Bridge agreed to pay a portion of the unpaid wages and to work toward full payment -- a commitment that Bridge reneged on in court on Tuesday!

In these tough economic times, we need to hold corporate financiers accountable to their commitments to the working families in our communities.

Support the Aliquippa Caregivers. Take action and send a letter to Bridge demanding justice..

This is a joint campaign with Keystone Progress and SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Healthcare Conference in Harrisburg

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Tell the Senate: Confirm Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor

Please take a minute to watch my video, then sign our petition to the Senate supporting Congresswoman Solis for Secretary of Labor.
Congresswoman Hilda Solis is the embodiment of the American Dream.

That conservative Republicans are choosing to obstruct her nomination is an insult to every working person in America.

Please watch my video message and sign our petition to make Hilda Solis our next Secretary of Labor.

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Thanks for all you do.
In Solidarity,
Andy Stern
President, Service Employees International Union