Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McCain Supporter in Pottsville: “Bomb Obama!”

Others waiting in line shout racist, hate-filled speech at demonstrators

(POTTSVILLE, PA)—In what has become a regular occurrence, dozens of supporters of Senator John McCain shouted racist and hate-filled speech at about 100 demonstrators yesterday in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

One of the McCain supporters was caught on video shouting “Bomb Obama!” repeatedly. When asked what he meant, he said “Get rid of him. "I've had a number of people in the... when he gets in the White House..."

He then formed a gun with his hand and made a shooting sound.

The incident was reported immediately to Pottsville Police Captain Richard Wojciechowsky, who said it did not sound serious.

The video later was shown to the Secret Service.

The video can be viewed at www.youtube.com/morrillmajority

Yesterday’s video, and similar videos from McCain and Palin rallies around Pennsylvania, were shot and produced by Keystone Progress. Keystone Progress is a multi-issue progressive advocacy organization that combines cutting edge online organizing and communications with rapid and hard-hitting earned media strategies.


Unknown said...

I am an accountant from NYC who attended this rally. I'm wondering why this organization did not show the positive side of this event. Out of thousands of people, you show only the very few negatives. This was a beautiful patriotric event. You are obviously a partisan organization and you are doing an injustice to the american people by not giving them the real picture. McCain is a true American hero!

ian said...

We have to come together. This kind of hate and inner division is toxic to democracy. Our freedom is derived from the compromise of divergent views. WE MUST GET BACK TO THAT PLACE.
"(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican"

Mac G said...

So ray, this was a great event with people yelling to bomb Obama? Ignore the crazy people and just focus on the "patriotic" people because only Republicans love our country. I am just a liberal commie that hates the troops because I support Obama. I forget.

DJC said...

It's hard to ignore the people making GUN signals and shouting BOMB OBAMA! I mean, they are SHOUTING it. Why wouldn't responsible conservatives tell them to shut the heck up? Why wouldn't John McCain make a statement saying not to bring that sort of language to his rallies?? Because they WANT it. And this is why they are spending so much time in PA, to dredge up the HATE and uneducated fools. They WISH someone like that old man would shoot Obama, or that crazy campaign girl making up stories about black people attacking her? The McCain campaign, it's supporters, and ANYONE who criticizes or defends these rallies are sinking to the LOWEST OF THE LOW in politics and you should be ashamed.

Scottdale, PA

nomadnewyork said...

This video is awesome. What a contrast.

teach11 said...

I am an Obama supporter from Pottsville, Pa. While I understand that it is important to show people from other areas just how racist Schuylkill county can be, I don't think you should have allowed high school students to be a part of the video. Most of the students you portrayed have had very little exposure to other areas and other world views. The words they speak (or shout) are their parents' views. Young people should be encouraged to research the candidates and issues before voicing an opinion(and making fools of themselves on camera).

Labor Goon said...

Great video!

What's the name of that song at the end?

Unknown said...

it is very strange that there are some racist issues in the most polyethnical country. Winstrol