Friday, October 24, 2008

Meet Joe the Laborer

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J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Laborers are some of the hardest working dudes in America.

The Lehigh Valley local is one of the best!

All this growth for yuppies from New York and New Joisey is waaaay too scab friendly.

They wewre 100% right about the Promenade at Sacoun Valley. The sign on Starbucks (another anti-labor outfit) fell one windy day. Luckily no one was there.

The Starbucks opened there with cracked windows and the window by the main door sign with a 2 inch short gap. (as in some one did not measure correctly and cut two inches too much off. The store opened in a November with a window wide open that could not be shut.

And that "life styles center" sidewalks collapsed just a few months after they opened.

As my old man a Union Insulator says "You can pay us now, or pay for us later".

Scabs always do crappy work. And in big cities Union members always have to clean up their botched work.