Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain Supporters Spew Hate in Bethlehem, PA

On Wednesday, October 8, your intrepid diarist stood in line with McCain supporters in Bethlehem, PA. While they were waiting in line to see Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin, they threatened protesters, called Obama a terrorist and repeatedly told the protesters to go home.

One McCain supporter hit the lowest point, IMHO. When a protester asked how the McCainites would feel if a friend of theirs had to pay for her own rape kit, one of them shouted back "She should die!"

Meanwhile, McCain and Palin continued to incite audience inside (no video available here). And the County GOP head twice called him "Barack Hussein Obama."
Truly horrendous, scary and revealing stuff.

If you've had enough of this sleaze, sign the petition:

We'll deliver it to McCain the next time he's in PA. And we'll bring cameras!


Stephen said...

What's that terrific version of Pete Seeger's Talking Union Blues in the video? And where can I find a copy?

JB said...

Great footage!

IMHO Pennsylvanians are real middle of the road people who have no time for this kind of militant conservatism. How great that you captured these hate mongers on video! At the same time I am deeply embarrassed that folks from my beloved PA Dutch country are behaving like that.

And... Obama a Muslim??? What?!? Obama belongs to the good old UCC. There's a United Church of Christ on every other corner in PA Dutch Country. He's one of us.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

This video was refrenced on Mike Malloy's national radio show last night.

He is on NovaM radio network on many FMand AM stations arouns the US and on Sirius Satalite Radio Siriusleft 146.

Everyone is hearing of this now.

inlookout said...

Thanks so much for posting this. It's good for the rest of the nation to get a sense of McCain and Palin's true supporters.

And it makes me embarrassed to be an American. These are the very same ones that put George Bush into office in the first place.

We need to take back our country.

Anonymous said...

No, really. Whose version of Talking Union is that?

It's the perfect compliment to a great video!

stephen said...

An important film - thank you - you're a braver man than I, standing there with a camera amongst so much hatred.

Palin and McCain have been playing with fire, and now it's feels like it's out of control - and that is scary. The rallys have a rather... Bavarian flavour. McCain did push back with his Obama is a decent man comments, but it may be too late.

As British, I can only have faith in the American people not to succomb to this fear and hatred...

School said...

I want that song too! Where can I get it?

Unknown said...

The Talking Union cover is done by John McCutcheon and Corey Harris. It's on "If I Had a Song: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Volume 2.)

Paul8bee said...

Great video. I learned some new swear words. But if these people represent the average american citzen, then I would say its time to drop the bomb on yourselves. Not one person here seems to have better than a grade 1 education.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant hate is so sad.

Dave said...

Why do the always yell get at job? It's the Blue states that are the most educated. It the blue states like California that are the economic powerhouses. This would not be possible if all us Democrats were not working.