Friday, October 24, 2008

Meet Joe the Community Organizer

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J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I think Canvassers/community organizers like Joe are the spirit we need. I was with Clean water Action (CWA) for three days.

I will say the way the organization operates with fund raising is a bit much.

I was cut loose after my third day because I was getting few donations. Ofcourse I guess it was my fault to be going door to door the week the economy set record lows.

In other words, the directors can be a bit big business anti labor like in their operations.

Do I have sour grapes? Of course, but then again I wasn't going to be a prick to folks at their door like the Field Director of that office.

I was also told my check would be sent to me. Then it was not, he seemed put off when I sent a letter as pushy and rude as his sales pitch.

In all I'm a Progressive Populist, a liberal. I'm not going to act like a Libertarian/Republican to raise funds for the liberal cause.

That is just me.