Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All PA Dems have now disaffiliated from ALEC

The last Democratic member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly with ties to ALEC has announced he is no longer affiliated with them.  This is the 18th announcement of disaffiliation from ALEC by a PA legislator.

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council,  is behind the efforts to pass bills that strip away union rights, scale back child labor laws, attack the regulation power of environmental agencies, suppress voter rights with strict identification requirements, eliminate the social safety net, and privatize public services. ALEC is not just another public policy organization, it is a corporate front group supporting some of the most radical and dangerous legislation in the nation. 

The eighteen legislators come from both major parties, with ten Democrats and eight Republicans separating from ALEC.  All legislators listed as being affiliated with ALEC have documented ties, either publicly stating their prior affiliation or from public documents (Right to Know Law documents, DOS campaign finance reports, or PA Ethics filings).

The defections have come after Keystone Progress supporters sent tens of thousands of faxes, letters and emails to PA Senators and Representatives.  An additional 45 legislators have told Keystone Progress that they have never been affiliated with ALEC.

Here are the 18.  Thank them at www.justsaynotoalec.com  

·         Rep. Harhai, Ted (D) H58
·         Rep. Harper, Kate (R) H61
·         Rep. Keller, William (D) H184
·         Rep. Kotik, Nick (D) H45
·         Rep. Markosek, Joseph (D) H25
·         Rep. Major, Sandra (R) H111
·         Rep. Micozzie, Nicholas (R) H163
·         Rep. Mustio, Mark (R) H44
·         Rep. Readshaw, Harry (D) H36
·         Rep. Petrarca, Joseph (D) H55
·         Rep. Thomas, W. Curtis (D) H181
·         Rep. Turzai, Mike (R) H28)
·         Sen. Boscola, Lisa (D) S18
·         Sen. Corman, Jake (R) S34
·         Sen. Greenleaf, Stewart (R) S12
·         Sen. Pippy, John (R) S37
·         Sen. Washington, Leanna (D) S4
·         Sen. Williams, Anthony (D) S8

Find out where your legislators stands at www.justsaynotoalec.com

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