Friday, November 6, 2009

How many people will die from lack of healthcare due to Republican inaction?

Congressional District


No. of Dead

Pennsylvania 5

Glenn Thompson


Pennsylvania 6

Jim Gerlach


Pennsylvania 9

Bill Shuster


Pennsylvania 15

Charles W. Dent


Pennsylvania 16

Joseph R. Pitts


Pennsylvania 18

Tim Murphy


Pennsylvania 19

Todd Russell Platts


While Republican Members of Congress oppose any meaningful healthcare reform, here are the numbers of people who will die in their districts this year.

Thanks to Rep. Alan Grayson (D,FL) for the list. To view the entire list, go to:


Anonymous said...

Do you really believe these bogus shit stats?? What propaganda, people don't die from lack of Health Insurance ... but from lack of Health Care. There are plenty of programs out there to cover the uninsured and anyone can go to a hospital and get treated.

You are a pure fear-monger and propagandist. Quit the lies ...

Unknown said...

Yeah, great blog, but not entirely true. It is true that there are clinics to help the uninsured, but the quality of care is certainly sub-standard. And if you have a major disease such as cancer that requires long term/expensive care, you're SOL. Look at the stats as to how much health ins/drug. companies gross annually. Merck for example showed a return (two years ago) of 43-1. That's a profit of $43 for every 1 spent. When we have people dying because they cannot get coverage, that is obscene. When you have a system that is designed to profit from people being sick, you are going to get selective care, subparcare or no care at all if you cannot afford it.

Eva411 said...

I want healthcare reform!...but this post is not factual!You are doing more harm than good