Thursday, October 29, 2009

ACME/Supervalu cuttings workers' hours to avoid paying for healthcare

Four months ago community organizations and health care advocates across the commonwealth stood side by side with the employees of ACME/Supervalu and their union, helping the parties to reach a fair agreement for both sides The agreement overwhelmingly supported by the 4,000 union members at ACME/ Supervalu gave the employer some economic relief and preserved health care benefits and pension rights for our union members.

Now ACME/Supervalu has reneged on their agreement and started to cut the hours of many part-time employees below the level required to earn benefits without regard to our long standing negotiated seniority provisions in our contract. Hundreds of workers would immediately lose their health care benefits if ACME has their way.

Local 1776 is fighting Acme on many fronts. However, we need your help and appreciate your efforts to tell Acme that you are not going to stand by while they deprive working Pennsylvanians’ of health insurance

At a time when we are so close to winning major health care reform for all Americans we cannot allow ACME/Supervalu to dump these hardworking women and men from our negotiated employer based health care plans.

You have helped these workers, your neighbors before, we are asking for your help again.

Please contact Judy Spires by email

by phone 610 889 4202, or write her; Judy Spires, President / Acme Markets Inc./ 75 valley Stream Parkway / Malvern PA 19355

We would also appreciate copies of your correspondence with Judy Spires or the staff at ACME Supervalu and if you could share this e-mail with your lists.

Thank you in advance for your help on behalf of the 4,000 members of UFCW 1776 working at ACME Markets and their President Wendell W. Young IV. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Meyerson

Director of Legislation & Political Action

United Food and Commercial Workers 1776

3031A Walton Rd

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

610 940 1811

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