Saturday, February 7, 2009

View the video that is making people cry coast to coast

From our California affiliate, the Courage Campaign. Fair warning: if you have a heart, you WILL cry.

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Cats r Flyfishn said...

Great video. I'll never understand why anyone should care about who marries who.

Any word about the status of this case filed by Ken Starr (the porno lover)? I read someplace that Jerry Brown will be arguing against Ken Starr.

helen said...

why is the government interfering with marriage if the people like Ken Starr are unwilling to stop retard producers like my neighbor from having 8 kids who are dyslexic, AHDD, full of brain tumors and therefore a drain on the health system and the school system. It is OK to have one genetic failure but when it is known that you have no other bullets in that gun that causes all the problems on this earth it must be regulated. Don't regulate normal gay people who have no abnormalities, Rev. Falwell, and Ken Starr!

nikki said...

I just don't get why this is an issue. I don't see why any competent member of society would be denied what I feel is a constitutional right. I'm a hetero woman who feels like many of those who staunchly appose equal rights are a dying breed. Listen to AM radio, and if you live in the Reading area listen to WEEU. These people are hilariously ignorant. There will be a day. Just keep pushing forward. I feel that those who disregard others based on their ignorance or misconceptions are missing out on a great relationship or simply one good encounter with another person.

Christian said...