Monday, January 2, 2012

Our 2011 PA Legislative Heroes

Keystone Progress is proud to recognize the 20 Pennsylvania Legislators who voted correctly on all 11 votes we selected as key to protecting a progressive vision for our state.

These are the 20:

Rep. Louise Williams Bishop
Rep. Tim Briggs
Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown
Rep. Michelle Brownlee
Rep. Mark Cohen
Rep. Lawrence Curry
Rep. Pam DeLissio
Rep. Dan Frankel
Rep. Robert Freeman
Rep. Michael Gerber
Babette Josephs
Rep. Michael O'Brien
Rep. Cherelle Parker
Rep. James Roebuck
Rep. Steven Santarsiero
Rep. Michael Sturla
Rep. Curtis Thomas
Rep. Greg Vitali
Rep. Jewell Williams
Rep. Rosita Youngblood

Thank them by clicking here:

All of these legislators voted with our position on all 11 of the following votes.  Our position is in CAPS:
HB 40 FP on 4/12 (Castle doctrine) OPPOSE
HB 574 A 1894 on 5/10 (Choice) SUPPORT   
HB 916 2nd Cons. On 5/24 (Unemp Comp) OPPOSE         
HB 934 on 6/23 (Voter ID) OPPOSE          
SB 1131 on 6/27 (Tort) OPPOSE 
SB 330 FP on 6/30 (Education) OPPOSE  
HB 1950 FP on 11/17 (Natural Gas Impact Fee) OPPOSE 
HB 1977 A 7021 on 12/7 (Choice) SUPPORT          
SB 732 A 4485 on 12/12 (Choice) SUPPORT  
SB 732 FP on 12/13 (Choice) OPPOSE             
SB 560 A 7732 on 12/14 (Education Voucher) OPPOSE

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