Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Education Voters Video Project

Gov. Corbett and the state legislature recently passed a budget containing nearly $1 BILLION in cuts to our public schools! This is already having a negative impact on students and communities throughout the state. We need to tell our (or the) story of how these cuts are hurting our communities and why publiceducation is so critical to the success of the entire state.

Education Voters Institute of Pennsylvania (EVI) is conducting a video project to highlight both the impact of cuts to critical programs that serve kids, and the importance of education to our communities and our economy. Tell us about how a program has affected you, or what the schools are like in your community, or who was the first person in your family to go to college. It can be a video short, or just a personal story told directed into the camera. Across Pennsylvania, students, parents, community leaders are speaking up about how we are affected by these choices.

What happened with this year’s budget was a travesty, and it didn’t need to happen. If we’re going to overcome the same obstacles next year we need make our voices heard and start laying the groundwork for change NOW!

CLICK HERE for full details: http://www.educationvoterspa.org/index.php/video-contest/

Deadline October 30th

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