Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CeaseFire PA's Powerful New Ad, "Ryan's Story"

View it here:

Yesterday CeaseFirePA began airing a new ad in the Pennsylvania Governor race – asking why Tom Corbett refuses to close the Florida Gun Loophole that allows criminals to carry a concealed gun in PA – even after PA police have told them NO.
The ad features Mary Beth Hacke, a mother whose infant son was killed by a stray bullet fired by criminal using an illegal gun.

Every major law enforcement group in Pennsylvania supports closing the loophole, including the PA State Police, PA Sheriffs, and hundreds of Police Chiefs from cities and towns across the State.

As Attorney General, Corbett had the power to close the loophole on his own – but instead he listened to his extremist allies at the NRA – and has refused to take action. As governor, he’ll continue to take his marching orders from the gun lobby.

Last week, CeaseFirePA endorsed Dan Onorato to be the next Governor of Pennsylvania. He has proven his commitment to pursuing reasonable reforms to reduce gun violence, including: closing the Florida concealed carry loophole, lost or stolen handgun reporting, and greater penalties for criminals found in possession of illegal guns.

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