Friday, August 7, 2009

Violence at Town Halls is the same as on last fall's campaign trail

This video, including some of the footage shot last fall by Keystone Progress, shows the same tactics and rhetoric by the "Birthers," the "Teabaggers," and the fringe from last fall's presidential campaign. Now they are turning their focus to helathcare and the town halls organized by members of Congress.

Don'l let this angry minority hijack reform.

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SWPAnnA said...

1 - It is over the top to describe the town hall scenes as violence. Thr voters are spirited and assertive, absolutely, but just as absolutely, not violent.
2 - Your own video illlustrates what the citizens (whom D's call MOBs) are coming out to protest: Democrats got the majority they claimed would give them the strength to make the needed changes to our broken system.They were NOT given license to blow through what little is left in the treasury after Bush's wars with bills they barely read and cannot sell. The stampede approach pushed through TARP. Job losses the second one was intended to prevent stopped NOTHING! They don't believe the Democrats are any more responsible with our trust than the slobs we didn't re-elect. They object to being analyzed when they want to be heard. The WORD to be heard is
No hype, no threat, no Just-like-Republicans' smart ass implication that they can do whatever they want, they have the numbers. There will be no picking up of any more seats in PA or DC while the Majority Party shows contempt for those they serve. They don't appreciate being branded racist and crazy by the very folks whose dismissive response has virtually MADE US CRAZY to the point where we have to show up at these town hall meetings in AUGUST to communicate in TONE they understand because polite discourse went through one ear and out the other. It is classic Mafia tactic to ignore the protest and shove your agenda across while victimizing those who trust you.