Friday, March 27, 2009

Specter took $235,350 from union busters in 2008

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) has spent a career crafting an image of independence and integrity. On March 24 he sacrificed both when he turned his back on the working people in his state. Specter announced that he would not vote to allow the Employee Free Choice Act to receive an up or down vote on the Senate floor; a move that some consider fatal to the legislation. In a statement on the Senate floor he waxed eloquent about his belief that a difficult economic climate is no time for workers to receive a living wage. 

Specter received $235,350 in 2008 from Blank Rome LLP a self described “union avoidance” law firm.

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Tip of the hat to Alan Hart from UE News for pointing us to this article.- MM

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