Monday, June 20, 2011

Tax Marcellus Shale Petition
“We may have different views on the future of drilling in the Marcellus Shale, but Pennsylvanians agree that natural gas and oil companies must pay a substantial drilling tax similar to those enacted in every other state in the nation. We urge you to enact a drilling tax as part of the state budget plan.”

Pennsylvania is the only state that does not tax drilling. Not only do the Marcellus Shale "frackers" pay no drilling tax, no other drilling is taxed either.

Whether you oppose all drilling in the Marcellus Shale, support drilling with restrictions or hold another view, Pennsylvanians agree that drillers must pay their fair share in taxes.

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LycomingCOncerned said...

I am in support of finding new ways to supply our country's energy needs, including drilling in the Marcellus Shales for natural gas. However, we must be smart about this.
My wife and I invested in a cabin in Lycoming county in order to enjoy the "wilds" of PA, and all that that beautiful part of the state has to offer. Little did we know what was coming. It is no longer the "wilds" of PA. flora and fauna are being destroyed daily. Noise and carbon based pollution is out of control. Yet, no one seems to be in control. The state epa is no where to be seen. But, our assembly sees no reason to take control of this situation. What's next? PA...wake up to what is happening.