Thursday, September 4, 2008

We are community organizers

We were appalled last night as we listened to speaker after speaker at the Republican Convention demean the fine work of community organizers. It was insulting to the people, young and old, who work to better our nation, starting in their own backyard.

We are proud to be community organizers and we are proud that a community organizer might be our next president. We honor the work of community organizers, and we urge you to join us in honoring them.

If you appreciate the tireless and sometimes thankless work of these agents of democracy, please do two things:

1) Go to: and demand that McCain and Palin apologize to the dedicated present and former community organizers around the nation;
2) Send this to everyone you know and ask them to sign on.

Thank you in advance for your support.
The Keystone Progress Team

Text of our message to McCain/Palin:

We are community organizers. We work to bring together neighbors in communities across America to solve our common problems and to make life better for our families. We work in small towns and the inner cities. We work in every state of the Union, from Maine to California to Alaska.

We are community organizers. We build neighborhood organizations that work for the common good. We teach people to act as part of a community, using their shared American values. We help people recognize the power of living in a democracy, where acting together can effect real changes.

Community organizers help to build strong neighborhood institutions, fight against injustice, develop new leaders, create community-based solutions and strengthen existing structures.
It is a serious job that requires the trust of our community, because we have real responsibilities that impact the daily lives of our neighbors.

We are community organizers and their supporters. We are proud of the work that community organizers do. And we are offended by the insults hurled at us by the McCain-Palin team. We demand that John McCain and Sarah Palin personally apologize for the demeaning attacks on the important work that we do to strengthen our communities and our great nation.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. There's another organizing effort to send an email to McCain and Palin.