Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Third Term Film PA Premiere in Reading

Pennsylvania Premiere, sponsored by Keystone Progress
Goggle Works
201 Washington St., Reading
Wednesday, September 24, 8:30 PM

To counter the millions conservatives will invest in books, ads and movies this year to vilify progressive leaders and policies, Media Matters Action Network and Center for American Progress Action Fund, through their joint project Progressive Accountability, bring you Third Term - a documentary detailing what Senator John McCain's right-wing policies would mean for America.This feature-length documentary, narrated by Paul Begala, examines how on every major issue this year, from the war in Iraq, to the economy, to health care, to our energy crisis, Senator McCain has been on the wrong side, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with President George W. Bush.

Using footage of his own words, interviews and expert analysis, Third Term exposes McCain's radical policy agenda.Third Term features interviews with experts like: Rand Beers of the National Security Network; Ellen Malcolm of Emily's List; Paul Waldman of the Media Matters Action Network; Larry Korb of the Center for America Progress Action Fund; Thea Lee of the AFL-CIO; Ezra Klein of the American Prospect; and Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation. The documentary has been scored by Grammy-award winning producer/composer Art Hodge.

THIRD TERM: How John McCain promises to continue George Bush's failed policiesNarrated by Paul BegalaScored by Art Hodge72 minutes

Michael Morrill,

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Matt Henderson said...

I dunno, Ralph Nader will be speaking at the same time in Pittsburgh