Monday, September 22, 2008

GoggleWorks Cancels Showing of Third Term

This afternoon the GoggleWorks called Keystone Progress and informed us that they were not allowing us to show Third Term this Wednesday. Keystone Progress had done a lot of work to prepare for this event, which was to be the first showing in Pennsylvania. The spokesperson for the GoggleWorks said that they thought the movie was too political.

Keystone Progress has clearly represented the content and the purpose of the film since we first contacted the GoggleWorks about renting the theater for the showing. They had viewed the trailer and had all of the written materials that went out to the public (see original email below). Their representatives never expressed any concerns about the content in any of our discussions, until today’s call when they cancelled the showing.

Make no mistake – the GoggleWorks wasn’t “donating” the space, we were paying them for it. The GoggleWorks decided to stifle our point of view, even though this is a community-funded organization created to support the arts. Are they going to start dictating to artists what subjects are acceptable to paint or sculpt?

We’re simply and utterly disappointed by the management of the GoggleWorks, for cowing to whoever is urging them to play it “safe.” In this election season, we need the truth, and we need it now.

Keystone Progress will not be seeking a new venue for the premiere. Instead, we will be working with the producers to distribute it free to anyone who wants to see the truth about what John McCain’s right-wing policies will mean for America.

Please check this space on Thursday for more details about how you can obtain your own copy of Third Term.

Michael Morrill, Executive Director
Keystone Progress

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