Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4 PA Legislators Cut Ties to ALEC

Dozens of PA Legislators publicly rejecting controversial lobbying organization. 
Rep. Nick Kotik only remaining PA Democrat publicly allied with ALEC.

(HARRISBURG, PA) – Two weeks ago, Keystone Progress launched a campaign urging state legislators to leave the controversial corporate lobbying group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). More than 18,000 letters, emails and faxes have been sent as part of that campaign.

As a result, 4 PA legislators have cut ties with ALEC, publicly stating they are no longer members. Those legislators are Sen. John Pippy (R, Allegheny, Westmoreland), Rep. Mark Mustio (R, Allegheny), Rep. Sandra Major (R, Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming) and Rep. Harry Readshaw (D, Allegheny).  

Readshaw’s withdrawal leaves only one PA Democrat, Rep. Nick Kotik (D, Allegheny), as a member of ALEC.  There are 42 Republicans still publicly allied with ALEC.

The entire list of members of ALEC and those who have rejected ties to ALEC can be viewed at

In the past few days, hundreds of legislators around the country and major corporate sponsors of ALEC have indicated they will not renew their memberships to the controversial corporate front group.

ALEC is behind the efforts to pass bills that strip away union rights, scale back child labor laws, attack the regulation power of environmental agencies, suppress voter rights with strict identification requirements, eliminate the social safety net, and privatize public services.

ALEC is not just another public policy organization, it is a front group for some of the most radical and dangerous legislation.  With such a proven negative track record of effect on our public policy, there's no excuse for legislators to continue their involvement in the organization.

 “Sen. Pippy and Reps. Major, Mustio and Readshaw have shown great courage by opposing a corporate bill factory and standing with the people of Pennsylvania,” said Michael Morrill, executive director of Keystone Progress. “We applaud every member of the General Assembly who has rejected ALEC, and we are asking our members to thank those courageous legislators.”

1.     For a list of all state legislators who have left ALEC, visit the ALEC Exposed wiki page.
2.     For an ongoing list of the corporations who have left ALEC, visit Think Progress. To date, those companies are: Yum! Brands, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Mars Inc., Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, Intuit (Quicken software), Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Reed Elsevier (owner of Lexis Nexis), American Traffic Solutions, Arizona Public Service, and Procter & Gamble. Additionally, the Bill and Melinda Fates Foundation severed its ties to ALEC.
3.     Last year’s Keystone Progress report on ALEC and PA can be found here

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