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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

News Clips

Colorado: Tancredo forms “super PAC” to raise unlimited money for 2012

From Allison Sherry for the Denver Post

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo filed paperwork to form a new “super” Political Action Committee called the American Legacy Alliance that will raise unlimited funds around the cause of illegal immigration.

Tancredo, a one-time GOP presidential and Colorado gubernatorial candidate, filed the paperwork last week.

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Florida: Voting record undermines Dems credibility on redistricting, claims GOP

From The Staff for the St. Petersburg Times

We told you on Tuesday that Republicans were targeting Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith for taking a different position on redistricting as a party boss than when he was helping draw district boundaries in the state Senate.

Today, the Florida Republican Party of Florida issued another press release showing that four Democrats joined Smith in voting for the 2002 plan and "to support current legislative lines they now criticize." To be fair, all four Democrats — Skip Campbell, Steve Geller, Al Lawson, and Tom Rossin — are out of office and we haven't heard any of the four publicly criticize the current process. But that's beside the point, Republicans say.

"Florida Democrats have proven they have no credibility when they criticize the redistricting process,” RPOF spokesman Brian Hughes said. "Republicans in Florida have offered a bipartisan process for redistricting; one that respects the law and will include a diversity of representation that reflects the population of our great state."

Pennsylvania: Eyes turn to former Pennsylvania House Speaker John Perzel as his former aides plan guilty pleas

From Charles Thompson for the Patriot News

Just a few weeks before former House Speaker John Perzel and former House Republican staffers are slated to go to trial, three of Perzel’s former aides plan to plead guilty.

Could Perzel follow suit?

While Perzel said in one published report Tuesday that he doesn’t intend to plead guilty, the possibility of a deal might be greater than ever.

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Wisconsin: Wirch, Holperin win Senate recalls; GOP retains 17-16 majority

From Tom Tolan, Lee Bergquist and Georgia Pabst for the Journal Sentinel

The six-month saga that was Wisconsin's state Senate recall movement ended Tuesday with Democrats retaining two seats - and Republicans still in possession of a week-old, razor-thin 17-16 majority.

On the fourth election day of the summer, two Democratic incumbents were victorious. Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover) beat challenger and tea party activist Kim Simac of Eagle River, and Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) easily topped Republican lawyer Jonathan Steitz.

Bottom line: Republicans will continue to control the agenda in the Capitol, but it will be difficult for Gov. Scott Walker and other GOP leaders to get everything they want.

Holperin said he believes his win and that of Wirch showed that voters in both districts supported the move by the 14 Senate Democrats to leave the state earlier this year to delay a vote on the budget-repair bill that limited collective bargaining for public employees. "Maybe it shows that voters indicated they deserved more time to let their voice be heard on such an important piece of legislation," he said.

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Aide disputes report, says Ryan still isn't running for president

From Craig Gilbert for the Journal Sentinel

Paul Ryan's office denied a media report Tuesday that the Janesville congressman is actively considering a presidential run.

"His mind hasn't changed," said Ryan aide Kevin Seifert. "He's not planning to run for president . . . There's nothing new to this."

The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine and website, wrote Tuesday that Ryan was "strongly considering" a run and has been discussing the possibility with political strategists in recent months.

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Montana: Schweitzer denies interest in presidency in 2016 as he gives out-of-state speeches

From Charles Johnson for the Billings Gazette

HELENA — Gov. Brian Schweitzer is off to speak at Governor's Day at the Illinois State Fair on Wednesday, the latest in a series of out-of-state speeches, but he pooh-poohed a national magazine report that he's gearing up to run for president in 2016.

U.S. News & World Report columnist Paul Bedard wrote an article last week headlined, "Buzz Building for Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer in 2016."

The author compared Schweitzer, who "brought down the house" at the 2008 Democratic nominating convention, with Barack Obama, who did likewise at the 2004 convention, and Bill Clinton, who bored the audience in nominating Mike Dukakis in 1988.

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Oregon: Oregon congressional candidate Rob Cornilles missed voting in third of elections since 1998

From Jeff Mapes for the Oregonian

Republican congressional candidate Rob Cornilles has missed voting in nine of the 27 elections held since 1998, according to the Washington County elections office.

That puts Cornilles in stark contrast with the three major Democrats running in the special congressional election for the seat vacated by the resignation of Democrat David Wu.

Election records show that Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, state Sen. Suzanne Bonamici of Beaverton and state Rep. Brad Witt of Clatskanie have not skipped an election

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Maine: Monaghan-Derrig wins Maine House seat in Cape Elizabeth

From Tervor Maxwell for the Portland Press Herald

CAPE ELIZABETH — Democrat Kimberly Monaghan-Derrig defeated Republican Nancy Thompson in a special election Tuesday to win the District 121 seat in the Maine House of Representatives.

Monaghan-Derrig beat out Thompson in a tight race between political newcomers.

The unofficial results, posted by the town shortly after the polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, showed 1,340 for Monaghan-Derrig and 1,164 for Thompson.

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Michigan: Durant to enter primary to challenge Stabenow

From Ed Brayton for the Michigan Messenger

Clark Durant, founder of a Detroit charter school, is set to announce that he will run against former Rep. Pete Hoekstra in the Republican primary for the chance to challenge Sen. Debbie Stabenow for her seat next year. reports:

Detroit charter school co-founder Clark Durant confirmed Tuesday that he intends to run for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Debbie Stabenow.

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