Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Corbett's Budget: : Corporate giveaways, higher property taxes, privatizing public services.

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Statement of Michael Morrill, executive director of Keystone Progress on Governor Corbett’s budget proposal:

“Why are corporations getting tax breaks when we’re struggling to pay our bills?

Politicians like Corbett are using our real economic problems as an excuse to pay back their corporate donors at the expense of the middle class. It's time we return to government by and for the people, not bought and paid for by corporate special interests.

“Corbett’s budget is handing special tax giveaways to billionaires and CEOs and sticking middle class families with the bill.

“There is a better, more balanced way to handle our budget problems. Before cutting education funding, we could close the corporate tax loopholes. Before cutting healthcare and environmental protections, we could enact a tax on drilling natural gas (we’re the only drilling state that doesn’t).

“Corbett could have proposed a budget with a balanced approach, but instead chose a slash and burn budget that rewards CEOs and Wall Street billionaires at the expense of the middle class.


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