Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Republican Governors Association transfers $1.5 million from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania

Not sure what this means, but it's interesting nonetheless.

In a campaign finance report filed with the State of Wisconsin (Form GAB-2), the RGA Wisconsin 2010 PAC revealed that it has transferred over a million and a half dollars to the RGA Pennsylvania PAC.

The Wisconsin report shows two transfers out of the Wisconsin fund into the PA fund. On July 6 they sent to $20,000 to support Corbett. On July 27 they sent an additional $1,500,000.

RGA is the Republican Governors Association. They maintain separate state PACs in states where they intend to spend money in an election cycle.

This may be a maneuver to send money to support GOP gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett under the radar, since PA's next reporting date is not until September 21. Or it could be an admission that Corbett need a lot more help than the GOP is willing to admit publicly.

Again, we're not positive. but it sure seems like the sign of a party and a campaign that isn't very confident about being able to generate the support they need in PA.

The Wisconsin report is available at http://cfis.wi.gov The report # is 0501405.

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BTW, is this the Fox News money?