Tuesday, September 21, 2010

As House Minority Whip Eric Cantor Raises Funds for Pat Meehan, Pennsylvanians Reject Cantor’s Ruinous Ideas

Does Pat Meehan Support Eric Cantor’s Plans to
Privatize Social Security and Replace Medicare with Vouchers?

You can tell a lot about someone’s values by the friends they keep, and Republican Pat Meehan is welcoming with open arms a Washington politician who couldn’t be less representative of Pennsylvania values. As House Minority Whip Eric Cantor has been tramping around the country, promoting his “Young Guns” book and raising money for candidates – Keystone Progress is calling on Meehan to come clean on if he endorses Cantor’s plans to ruin our retirement.

"Young Guns” trumpets Rep. Paul Ryan’s ‘Roadmap’ budget plan that would privatize Social Security and replace Medicare with a voucher system that shortchanges seniors on medical care. As the Minority Whip, Cantor along with his follow young guns, ranking Republican Member of the House Budget Committee Paul Ryan and GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy, could one day be in a position to advance the Bush-era scheme to turn our guaranteed benefits over to their friends on Wall Street.

“Pat Meehan may appreciate the money Eric Cantor will be raking in for him tonight, but Pennsylvanians will be the ones left behind if Cantor and his buddies are able to enact their devastating agenda,” said Michael Morrill of Keystone Progress. Eric Cantor enabled the disastrous Bush economic policies that left so many Pennsylvanians without jobs, retirement savings and health care. And now the man who could help run the House of Representatives one day is in Pennsylvania to raise money for politicians he knows will help him go back to same exact policies that got us into this mess. Is this what Pat Meehan believes? It’s time for Meehan to say if he stands with Washington politicians or the people of Pennsylvania.”

***Click Here to View ‘Young Guns Reloaded’***

“Reps. Ryan, Cantor, McCarthy: Middle-aged conservatives recycling ideas
that were young … when they were.”

Washington Post’s Ezra Klein calls the ‘reforms’ detailed in Ryan’s budget proposal “nothing short of violent.” Indeed, according to an in-depth analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “[T]he Ryan plan would raise taxes for most middle-income families, privatize a substantial portion of Social Security, eliminate the tax exclusion for employer-sponsored health insurance, end traditional Medicare and most of Medicaid, and terminate the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The plan would replace these health programs with a system of vouchers whose value would erode over time and thus would purchase health insurance that would cover fewer health care services as the years went by.”

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