Monday, August 11, 2008

York Seniors Celebrate Social Security's 73rd Birthday

Local Seniors Celebrate Social Security’s 73rd Birthday

Who: The Alliance for Retired Americans and organizations
What: Birthday Party for Social Security
Where: UAW Local 1872 Hall, 3562 Gillespie Dr., York PA
When: Tuesday, August 12th at 1pm

(YORK, PA)--Social Security is one of the most important and successful social programs in history. The Alliance for Retired Americans is holding this "Birthday Party" to mark the 73rd Anniversary of its signing into law by President Roosevelt. Attendees will urge candidates for Congress and President to make sure that Social Security is going strong for another 73 years.

While the anniversary is actually on Thursday the 14th, residents of York will take this opportunity to address the issue while Senator McCain is in town. Local candidates for Congress from both parties will be invited to attend and show their support for Social Security if they so choose.

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