Monday, August 25, 2008

New Poll Shows Obama Can Win White Working Class Voters

American Dream Frames Economic Agenda for Working Families

DENVER, CO. – Barack Obama can capture the votes of America’s workers, including so-called Reagan Democrats, with a strong message of economic populism and sharp contrasts with McCain on taxes, health care, trade and corporate power according to a new survey conducted by Lake Research Partners and released today at a news briefing at the 2008 Democratic National Convention by Change to Win.
“The American Dream defines both a value system and a broad economic reform agenda focused on jobs with wages that can support families, affordable health care, retirement security and opportunity for a better future,” said pollster Celinda Lake. “Workers see the Dream at risk and want government action to create a new infrastructure for a new American Dream. They want a candidate who is not controlled by big corporations, and who will support progressive taxes, limits on corporate power, worker rights and proactive government.”

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