Thursday, February 2, 2012


HARRISBURG, PA – Late yesterday the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously rejected Bayer’s request to halt legal proceedings over its birth control drug Yaz. “This is a huge victory for consumers from Pennsylvania and across the United States” said Michael Morrill, Executive Director of Keystone Progress. “Bayer has been reckless in distributing a drug that had potentially lethal medical impacts.  The Supreme Court’s ruling means that consumers will soon be able to get justice in our courts.”

This is yet another legal loss for Bayer on this issue as the First District Courts, the Intermediate Appellate Courts and now the Pennsylvania Supreme Court have all decided that these cases should be allowed to move forward.

As of November 2011, there were 1,795 cases pending in which thousands of women from across the country have claimed their health has been severely damaged by Bayer’s birth control drugs Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella. The alleged health impacts have included increased risk of blood clots and gallbladder surgery.  Since Bayer’s headquarters are located in Pennsylvania, the women have filed in Pennsylvania at Philadelphia’s Complex Litigation Center (CLC). The CLC has been nationally recognized to efficiently and fairly handle similar cases in the past.

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