Friday, December 9, 2011

Take action to stop the privatization of PA's public schools

From our friends at the Keystone State Education Coalition


A voucher bill may move in the House as early as Monday.

The Students First PAC which bankrolled SB 1 in the Senate, is targeting House Republican leadership for phone calls today for a last ditch push for vouchers before the end of the year.

Please consider taking these three actions ASAP:

1. Contact your State Representative’s office.

Ask them to oppose any voucher bill.

Ask them to contact House leadership and tell them not to bring a voucher bill to the floor.

2. Pass this legislative alert on to any and all public education stakeholders today.

3. Please take 10 minutes and call as many of these House Leaders as time permits.

If you are a constituent please let them know that.

If you voted for them or worked for their election let them know that.

Simple message:

Please oppose vouchers in any form. We don’t need a pilot – Milwaukee has had one for 20 years and it has not resulted in improved student achievement. Pennsylvania education policy should focus on helping all of our students, not on creating a new entitlement program for unaccountable private and religious schools.

Samuel H. Smith (717) 787-3845
Mike Turzai (717) 772-9943
Stan Saylor (717) 783-6426
Sandra Major (717) 783-2910
Mike Vereb (717) 705-7164
William F. Adolph Jr. (717) 787-1248
Richard R. Stevenson (717) 783-6438
Dave Reed (717) 705-7173

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