Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't let them shut down abortion access in PA!

It's shocking, but this is really happening.

When legislators return to Harrisburg this month, they will be considering legislation that would drastically chip away at access to safe, legal abortion in Pennsylvania. We need YOU to stand with us against their full-scale attack on women's health! Mark your calendar to join hundreds of women's health supporters at a historic rally in Harrisburg on September 27.

Need a ride to the rally? TODAY is the deadline to register for a spot on a bus. Click here to sign up today!

These dangerous bills could cause a public health crisis in Pennsylvania by making abortion care inaccessible in the state. We have seen this sort of dangerous legislation pass in other states - and we cannot let it happen here in Pennsylvania! Let's join together as a strong and unified voice, declaring to Pennsylvania - and the Nation - that we will not allow these attacks to continue.

Add your voice and join us in Harrisburg on September 27!

This IS really happening. Let's do everything we can in the precious little time we have to tell our legislators to STOP their dangerous attacks on women's health and rights. Let's let them know: We've had enough!

Today is the deadline to register for a ride on the bus to Harrisburg. Please, click here to join us.

We hope to see you there!

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates
Keystone Progress

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