Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Corbett's priority: prison funding, not education

From the Patriot-News. Read the entire piece here

By Benjamin Jealous & J.W. Mondesire

During the last 30 years, our nation has become the world’s No. 1 jailer as our education pedigree has steadily declined. Correspondingly, we have seen a huge increase in prison spending, squeezing out funding for primary, secondary and higher education.

prison.jpgGov. Corbett's budget increases prison spending, while cutting education.

A recent report released by the NAACP called “Misplaced Priorities” revealed a disturbing link between high prison spending and low educational achievement in Philadelphia and other cities. The report’s support among liberal and prominent conservative leaders makes it even more surprising that Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget seems to have completely ignored its lessons.

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Media Mentions said...

Granted, we’re doing a hell of a lot wrong in regards to our educational and prison system, but this post I recently read (linkage here for those interested: seems to combine the two for what I see as an ideal situation. Although an expense, consider the advantages of educating our prisoners. Be it hope or a newfound sense of purpose, getting our of prison will be that much more solid for these guys and potentially that much less intrusive of our taxpayer pocketbook. Just my thoughts. A little off topic, but your post made me think of that.