Friday, October 1, 2010

Support the Fair Elections Now Act

In a year of record spending in a midterm election, voters are seeing that our “representative democracy” isn’t so representative of average Americans anymore. Politicians are dallying in DC and admitting it’s just because raising money is easier among lobbyists than from their constituents.

Outside groups like the American Future Fund, Americans for Job Security, and the 60 Plus Association are spending hundreds of thousands of out-of-state dollars to influence local races. Voters don’t like it and don’t trust it.

What voters do support is the Fair Elections Now Act, which would get big money out of our elections and return democracy to the people. Recent polling from Celinda Lake shows that voters in battleground states support Fair Elections 65 to 18 percent. In addition, that support cuts across traditional party lines. What other issue has the support of 76 percent of Democrats and 57 percent of Tea Party members?

Voters get it. When D.C. hosts 400 fundraisers in 14 days, something is seriously wrong with our electoral system. When 30 percent of Americans say that opposition to the Fair Elections Now act would makes them less likely to vote for a candidate, it’s time to take action. Our representatives have a choice: to lead, as they were elected to do, or continue to hide in D.C. and face the consequences. It’s time for the Fair Elections Now Act.

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