Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't let Lancaster County turn back the clock on civil rights

Lancaster County is about to turn back the clock on civil rights-back to 1964!

Two Lancaster County Commissioners, Scott Martin and Dennis Stuckey, are trying to close down the Lancaster County Human Relations Commission, the body responsible for enforcing civil rights since 1964.

If they succeed, they will eliminate the ability of the county to enforce civil rights protections. This would be the first step of its kind to roll back civil rights in Pennsylvania's history. We can't let this happen!

This will be devastating to people who are victims of discrimination in Lancaster County. It will also send a message that discrimination is once again acceptable in the county. This will have a chilling affect on tourism and new business development in the region.

The vote to eliminate the Human Relations Commission will take place this Thursday night, July 29.

We are asking people of goodwill to send a message to the Lancaster County Commissioners: Don't turn back the clock on civil rights! Keep the Human Relations Commission! http://www.keystoneprogress.org/page/speakout/palabchrc

You can send your message in two ways:

First, Click here to send an email to the Commissioners. You can use our pre-written email or compose your own.

Second, if you live near Lancaster, come to the Unity Rally to Defend Civil Rights. It will be this Thursday, July 29 at 5:30pm atBinn's Park, 100 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. There will be great inspirational speakers representing the diversity of Lancaster County, all testifying to the importance of keeping a strong Human Relations Commission.

This will be followed by the Lancaster County Commissioners meeting at 7:00pm at the County Administration Building, Room 102, 150 N. Queen St., Lancaster, PA 17603.

Please do all you can to help protect civil rights in Lancaster County. We can't let hate win the day!