Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keystone Progress adds Jonathan Saidel and Wendell Young IV to its board of directors

(HARRISBURG, PA)—Keystone Progress has added two new members to its board of directors at its board of directors meeting. Wendell Young IV, the president of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776, and Jonathan Saidel, former controller of the City of Philadelphia.

“We are thrilled to have Wendell and Jonathan join the leadership of Keystone

Progress,” said Eileen Connelly, the chair of Keystone Progress’s board. “Their addition is an indication of the growing influence of Keystone Progress in passing legislation and creating a progressive majority in Pennsylvania.”

Young has served as the president of 24,000-member UFCW 1776 since 2005. He has spearheaded a number of initiatives as a union negotiator to establish affordable child care and education benefits for working families in the changing economy.

Saidel is an attorney with Philadelphia law firm Cohen, Placitella and Roth. He served as

Philadelphia's City Controller for sixteen years, where he won local and national plaudits forreforming and professionalizing the Controller's office, his dedication to fiscal discipline and proposing innovative ideas to grow Philadelphia. He recently ran for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, coming within 2,000 votes.

The Keystone Progress Education Fund, an organization related to Keystone Progress also added a new board member, Eron Lloyd of Reading. Lloyd is best known for his public policy work. He is the author of Reinventing Reading," a

comprehensive policy reform package to improve the political, economic, and environmental conditions in the City of Reading.

Keystone Progress was founded in August of 2008 with the twin goals of 1) using the internet and new media to organize online at the state and local level; and 2) to use cutting-edge earned media strategies to promote a progressive agenda and counter right-wing misinformation. In less than two years, Keystone Progress has built a network that exceeds 220,000 and has generated hundreds of stories in the traditional press and online media, reaching an audience of more than 5 million.

Keystone Progress Board of Directors

Eileen Connelly, Chair
Mary Shull, Secretary
Jonathan Fox, Treasurer

Rick Bloomingdale
Lorenzo Canizares
Michael Fedor
Jeff Garis
Pedro Rodriguez
Hal Rosenthal
Eric Russell
Jonathan Saidel
Sari Stevens
Ritchie Tabachnick
Chuck Williams
Wendell Young

Keystone Progress Education Fund Board of Directors
Rabbi Carl Choper, Chair
Pat Clark, Secretary
Eron Lloyd, Treasurer

Pedro Rodriguez
Rob Stuart
Sharon Ward