Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is Tom Corbett losing it? Thin-skinned PA AG going after critics.

Two under-reported items in the last few days have us wondering if Attorney General Tom Corbett has the temperament to serve in his current office, never mind being governor.

According to a first-person account by a self-described Republican Tea Party member on Monday Tom Corbett got so angry at a question that he came off the stage to confront the questioner. He then had the person removed from the venue.

Tom Corbett had just finished his speech and I raised my hand to ask him a question. There were only 30 people in the room 15 were his staff and 15 showed up to hear him. I had two people with me so only 12 actually showed up to hear him. Anyway I asked the question Mr Corbett if you win tomorrow how will you handle your campaign and your subsequent Federal trial for alleged fraud in the Attorney Generals office. Tom Corbett got so irate he came off the platform through the crowd and confronted me to my face on the issue. All he said was that the info I was referring to was fraudulent and put out by the Sam Rohrer campaign. He shook his finger in my face and told me to go back to Sam and get my facts straight etc. I have nothing to do with the Sam Rohrer campaign! I was refering to the Thomas Kimmett / Sherry Bellaman civil complaint and the subsequent possible criminal trial of Tom Corbett and he knew it. I went there as a private citizen to ask a legitimate question as well as others but I could only ask the one before I was directed to leave. Tom’s state paid body guard/chauffeur the black guy tried to move me out but I would not budge. He actually tried to push me out but when he touched me he could not budge me so I stood there peacefully then he walked to the side when Tom came over to me. You will notice Tom also tried to usher me out with his hand on my left arm.

Here’s the full posting:

Then, we found that Corbett is having a blogger who is critical of Corbett subpoenaed. This has been reported throughout the web. (

According to “Tom Corbett, current Attorney General of the state of Pennsylvania and Gubernatorial Candidate, has subpoenaed Twitter to appear as a Grand Jury witness to "testify and give evidence regarding alleged violations of the laws of Pennsylvania".

The subpoena orders Twitter to provide "any and all subscriber information" of the person(s) behind two accounts -- @bfbarbie and @CasaBlancaPA -- who have been anonymously criticizing the man on the popular micro-sharing service.”

Here’s the subpoena:

Either of these actions by themselves is bizarre. Taken together, they raise questions about the temperament and judgment of Corbett.

As the old saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”

Let’s hope that we at aren’t the next ones on Corbett’s target list.

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Beth said...

Corbett is controversial for many reasons. Many people believe that Mr. Corbett’s investigations have been poorly conducted, used witness intimidation, and were motivated for political reasons to remove political enemies from office. The evidence is extensive. It includes the following:

•272 – or 85 percent - of the 322 counts brought to court so far by Corbett’s prosecutors were dismissed or ended in “not guilty” verdicts. Corbett won guilty verdicts in only 15 percent of the counts – and some of those are being appealed. Some people – including Former Democratic State Senator Sean Ramaley – have been exonerated completely. In federal trials, acquittals are extremely rare.

•In the most recent case – that of Former State Rep. Mike Veon – the jury foreman said of the Attorney General: “We all understood that the AG’s point was to throw mud at the wall and see what would stick.”

•A juror in the case of Sean Ramaley, a Democrat who lost his House seat because of a Corbett indictment but was later exonerated, later said that jurors knew Corbett was on a witch hunt.

•Corbett declined to prosecute his Republican friends and donors, one of whom was charged by a local prosecutor with campaigning on state time after Corbett’s office turned away a key complainant.